About The Book

Sam Michael is having bad dreams; his sleep has been agitated and interrupted in the weeks leading up to his fiftieth birthday. On that day, however, tragedy strikes, and a freak acbookcident leaves Sam in a comatose state. To the people who love him, he sleeps peacefully. For Sam, the state of unconsciousness is anything but restful. Sam is the victim of a relentless incubus. This monstrous creature forces Sam’s dreaming mind into a parallel universe. He may have fallen into a coma at the age of fifty in 1995, but his mind has been transported to Vietnam in 1965. Sam must now survive a horrific war he thought he once escaped; worse, in the dream, he is wounded. In order to awaken and return home, Sam must complete an unknown mission. But the shock of being caught up in this war leaves him spinning, however, and he feels unable to finish his task. A journey must be taken, a place discovered, and a mystery solved. The ruthless incubus would keep Sam in its power forever, but Sam’s life is in his grasp, if only he can escape the war a second time.


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