“Dark Side of the Looking Glass” Giveaway on GoodReads!

I am happy to announce a giveaway event for my book, “Dark Side of the Looking Glass” on GoodReads. Ten lucky winners will receive a trade paperback copy of my first published book. The contest runs midnight, June 15 through July 15! Click here to enter!

2 thoughts on ““Dark Side of the Looking Glass” Giveaway on GoodReads!

  1. Enjoyed meeting you on the plane ride into San Diego on Dec. 17th. I will be looking for your book and
    know I will enjoy the read. I started reading Viet Nam war fiction around 1970 as a member of Naval Construction Battalion 71. I really enjoyed talking with you and hope one day to get to see how beautiful Reno is for myself.

    • Hi Eddie,
      Just wondering if you had a chance to read “Dark Side of the Looking Glass” and if you might be able to offer a positive review? If you have read it and can’t do this, I would appreciate comments from you directly to me. This could be very helpful to me.

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